Branch & Leaf Pickup

Branch Chipping  - The next round begins on Monday, November 7.  Please have your branches out by 7:00 AM on the first day of collection.

Annual Program runs April - October. *NOTICE:  EXTRA ROUND IS SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 2016
Branch Chipping Service for residents begins on the 1st Monday of each of the 7 months listed. For 2016, this service will begin with round 1 commencing on Monday, April 4 and be completed the week of October 3.  The Crews will make 1 complete pass through the City each month. We ask that you pile the branches parallel to the roadway (cut ends not facing the road) to assist our crews in their collection efforts as this increases efficiency and worker safety as they operate the chipping equipment. Branches must not be larger than 10 inches in diameter. Please use caution and remain alert when driving near the chipping crews to keep our workers and yourself safe!

Due to the length of time required to provide this service to the entire city on a monthly basis, the crews will be unable to return to pick up branches that were not out for chipping when your street was completed for the month. Branches can also be bundled and cut to 4' lengths or less to put out next to your trash and recycling carts for Waste Management to remove on Tuesdays throughout the season as an alternative to the monthly chipping program by the city's chipping crews.

Leaf Pickup 2016

Leaf pickup will begin on October 17 and run continuously through December, weather permitting. The Service Department asks that all leaves be raked to the tree lawn and that piles be free of twigs, grass clippings, and other garden materials. Raking of leaves to cul-de-sac islands or into the streets is not permitted.