Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is established in Chapter 151 of the City's Administrative Code.

There is hereby established the Environmental and Historic Preservation Commission. The Commission shall be comprised of an appointed non-voting Councilmember and seven qualified electors, at least one from each ward in the City. Each member of the Commission shall be appointed by Council for a term of two years. Members shall be compensated in accordance with the terms of the Salary Ordinance. (Ord. 150-2005. Passed 12-20-05.)

 151.03 DUTIES.
The Commission shall be an advisory body to the administration, City Council, and the various Board and Commissions.The Commission shall utilize regular reports and information from the City’s various departments including the Department of Parks and Recreation, Engineering Department, and Building Department.Copies of the Commission’s minutes, reports, and recommendations shall regularly be on file with the Clerk of Council and the Mayor and shall be forwarded to intended recipients in a timely manner as intended or upon request by the Commission. The Duties of the Commission are general, advisory and proactive towards issues concerning aspects of the environment and historic preservation.The Commission shall:

(a) Review and make recommendations to the administration, City Council, and various boards and commissions concerning matters of environmental and historic preservation interest.

(b) Advise and make recommendations to City Council, the administration, and boards and commissions concerning the inclusion and implementation of basic environmental and historic preservation standards into the codes, regulations and procedures of the City.

(c) Develop public education and outreach programs in response to Federal, State, County and City Regulations or requirements.

(d) Develop public education and outreach programs concerning any aspect of the local environment.

(e) Make site inspection visits as needed or necessary and as directed by the Administration or Director of Community Planning and Development.

(f) Consider and make recommendations to the appropriate bodies regarding all matters of environmental interest appropriately referred to the Commission.

(g) Review and comment on development and redevelopment plans as directed by the Administration and/or Planning Commission, and issue an option for consideration by the City Engineer, Planning Commission, Council and the Mayor.

(h) Review land use plans or projects and provide review comments to the Administrator, Planning Commission, Council and developer regarding the potential impact or implications of such plans on the natural state of the site and surrounding areas or on environmentally sensitive areas and places of historic significance.

(i) Develop and implement through the Administration and Council community programs for the collection of recyclable materials including household hazardous wastes.
(Ord. 36-2006. Passed 2-28-06; Ord. 105-2008. Passed 9-23-08.)

Environmental Commission Members

Patrick Jeffers

Daisy Walker

Chuck Bonacci

John Boyko

Scott Barr
Council Representative


The Twinsburg Environmental Commission will hold a free document shredding and recycling event on Saturday, September 24, 2016, from 9am to 1pm at the Public Works Department, 10231 Ravenna Road, in Twinsburg.

Please Note:

>       The event is open to Twinsburg City and Township residents
>       All paper shredded will be recycled
>       Limited 10 boxes or shopping bags (please no magazines or newspaper)
>       Remove all metal clips, rubber bands, binders and plastic report covers
>       Staples are okay

When you put a piece of paper in the trash it can be difficult to know what happens to it.  One way to safeguard personal information is through document shredding.  The free, on-site document shredding event provides residents an opportunity to securely manage sensitive information while benefiting the environment through recycling.


The Twinsburg Environmental Commission and Public Works Department will hold a household hazardous waste collection on Saturday, September 24, 2016 from 9am to 1pm at the Public Works Department, 10231 Ravenna Road, in Twinsburg. Household hazardous waste material drop-off is limited to residents of the City of Twinsburg.  Proof of residency (driver’s license or sewer bill, etc.) will be required.

Clean Harbors Environmental recycling service will collect and dispose of hazardous materials.  Many of the products that are used in your home or yard can cause harm to people, fish, and wildlife if used or disposed of incorrectly. Products that have the words danger, caution, warning, poison, toxic or flammable on the label are considered hazardous and should not be disposed of down the drain, on the ground, down a storm sewer, or in your household trash.

Please Note:

>       Pack containers in sturdy boxes in the trunk of your vehicle away from drivers, passengers and pets.
>       Products should be kept in original containers when possible.

Materials NOT accepted:

>       No LATEX PAINT. (Dry-out unused latex paints and place in curbside waste container.)
>       No fireworks, flares, tires, electronics or pharmaceuticals.
>       No business or commercial waste.

Accepted materials include: oil based paint/stains, batteries, cleaning products, hobby chemicals, glues, pool chemicals, lawn and garden chemicals, drain openers, automotive fluid, flammable products, propane tanks, fluorescent bulbs (tubes and compact fluorescents), anything labeled toxic, poison, danger, acid, or caustic.