Through the Looking Glass



Performance Schedule:
January 24, 2014 7p
January 25, 2014 2p
January 26, 2014 2p
February 1, 2014 7p
February 2, 2014 2p
February 7, 2014 7p
February 8, 2014 7p
February 9, 2014 2p

All performances will take place at the Twinsburg High School Auditorium.

Tickets for the Twinsburg Community Theatre’s production of “Through the Looking Glass” go on sale Monday, January 6 at 8a.

Ticket Prices:
In Advance - $8
At the Door - $11
Children 3 and younger are free

Box Office:
Twinsburg Fitness Center and Twinsburg Community Center

Online Sales: Click here.
(a $2 service fee will be added to each order, not each ticket)

Twinsburg Fitness Center and Community Center Box Offices and Online Ticket sales will end 1 hour before show time. At this time, all tickets must be purchases at the Twinsburg High School Auditorium.


Important Information and Forms

Congratulations on being selected to be a cast member in the production of 'Through the Looking Glass'.  Each cast member is responsible for paying a participation fee (deadline November 30).  Additionally, there are optional expenses such as t-shirts, cast wishes, donations, etc.  One last thing we need from every cast member is the Costume Measurement Form.  We have attached several forms to the right.  Please review them, fill them out (if necessary), and make payment at the Twinsburg Community Center or Fitness Center.  If you have any questions, please email 

Participation Fee Information

Costume Measurement Form

Donation Requests

Tshirt and Shoe Order Form

Program Ads

Cast Wishes

Cast List

Thank you to all of you who auditioned for "Through The Looking Glass". the competition was fierce this year, so congratulations to those of you who made the cast. If you did not receive a role in this show, please come back and audition for the next show. Please look carefully for your name and if you were offered as role do the following....

Send an email to and in the SUBJECT LINE type your name, your acceptance or declination and the role you were offered. For example

"John Smith accepting the role of Bilbo Baggins" or  "Suzy Jones declining the role of "Elphaba"

Once your role is confirmed, you will receive your information on rehearsals, scripts, music etc...

Almost all communication is done via email, so please make sure your email is functioning and that you check it frequently during the next few weeks.

We look forward to working with you this season!

Your TCT Director's

CAST - Updated 11/4/2013

Alice- Halle St. John
Young Alice-Kayla Giterman
Little Alice-Emily Patryk
Tiny Alice- Caroline Kimmel
Lewis Carroll- Ed Kijauskas
The White Knight-Jeff Criswell
The White King/Papa-Brian BELL
Miss Prickett- Lisa Georges
The Maid- Katie Hinze
The Red Queen- Alyssum Kellogg
The Red King-Brian BULL
Mrs. Dumble/Tweedle Dum-Donna O'Donnell
Mrs Deedle/Tweedle Dee-Eve Phythyon
Mama-Margaret Bull
The White Queen- Jennifer Johnson
Rev Kingston-Dave Nyenhuis
The Red Knight-Dean Curran
Major Reddington-John Webb
The Lion-Andrew Gordon
The Unicorn-Dave Goldstein
Mr. Humphry/Humpty Dumpty-Justin Roth
Paper Soloist-Sydney Goldstein
Referee-Kelly Kijauskas
Train Guard-Joe Turner
Lady Goat-Macey Staninger
Memeroths-Jillian Ketz &Jacquelyn Berger
Mirror Girls- Mary Riley, Maya Archambault,
Red Courtiers-Kelly Swanson & Adrianna Figelman
Red Herald-Julianne Kuchcinski
Red Pawn- Jack Leonard
Red Pawn 1-Sam Gielink
Red Pawn 2-Shawn McCormick
Red Pawn 3-Collin Quinn
Red Pawn 4-Sam Grieco
Red Pawn Girls- Abigail Post & Sophia Bessett
Red Guard 1-Liam Bull
Red Guard 2-Khalid Thornton
Ballerina-Sarah Kuchcinski
White Courtier-Jack Swanson
White Pawn-Tommy Kijauskas
White Pawn 1-Alex Bull
White Pawn 2-William Bamler
White Pawn 3-Brandon Simchon

Countrygirl 1-Sarah Gielink
Countrygirl 2-Abigail Berk
Countrygirl 3-Tess O'Donnell
Countrygirl 4-Mallory Mentzer
Countrygirl 5-Olivia Sharpe
Countrygirl 6-Emma Bertleff
Countrygirl 7-Regan Utrup
Countrygirl 8-Amelia Bell
Countrygirl 9-Maggie McGlumphy
Countrygirl 10-Sarah Childs
Papergirl 1- Katie Hinze
Papergirl 2- Grace McGlumphy
Papergirl 3- Ava Turner
Papergirl 4-Dakota Gordon
Papergirl 5-Carlene Kijaukis
Paper Guy- Jack Swanson
Paper Gal- Laura Giterman
Paper Doctor-Andrew Gordon

Great Wall Girls-Emma Bertleff, Regan Utrup, Olivia Sharp, Mallory Mentzer, Sarah Zimmikiel, Jessica Abrams,Rana Thornton, Emily Laslo-Haer, Avleen Bhullar, Aliyah Joltin, Faith Miller, Anna Goetz, Alexandra Wilson, Lena Olson, Jessica Davis, Aliana Wilson, Bella Criswell, Kennedy Robinson, Gillian Robbins

Twinkle Lights (White Court)-Caroline Kimmel, Hailey Bull, Anna Purdy, Abby Weissberg, Sofia Curran, Sara Mertes, Aparna Srikanth, Brooke Robinson, Marina Vaks, Savannah Daughterty, Mya Libertine, Savannah Swanda, Josephine Payemola, Laurel Branagan, Tessa O'Keefe, Josie Davis, Aurea Corrales, Madison Dougheaty, Emmersyn Muth, Alice Johnson, Sarah Christensen, Kaitlynn Bamler, Amanda Bloomberg, Kaitlyn Kaminsky

Lewis Carrollers- Mario Houston, Laura Giterman, Yulia Gray, Sally Morris, Alynn Gillespie, Jenna Elmore, Ed Kijaukis, Brian BELL, Lisa Georges, Joe Turner, Macey Staninger, Justin Roth (Act 2 only)

Train Passengers (Ticket’s Please)-Katie Hinze, Carlene Kijauskas, Grace McGlumphy, Dakota Gordon, Ava Turner, Sydney Goldstein, Jack Swanson, Emily Patrzyk, John Webb, Andrew Gordon, Jack Swanson

Countryfolk-(Frabjous Day)Alex Bull, Katie Hinze, Grace McGlumphy, Dakota Gordon, Ava Turner, Sydney Goldstein,Margaret Bull,Alynn Gillespie,Mary Riley,Maya Archambault, Jack Swanson, Justin Roth, Dean Curran, Jack Swanson

Wonderland Girls- Amelia Bell, Julia Burkholder, Sierra St John, Kayla Giterman, Lia Bovinet, Tess O'Donnell, Sarah Childs, Hallie Davis, Abigail Berk, Monica Shah, Maggie McGlumphy, Sarah Gielink, Madelyn Voltz, Kala Mansfield, Emily Chauvin, Sarah Kuchinski

*The Wonderland Girls perform in Frabjous Day, Ticket’s Please, Claws that Catch, You Must Know Something, Frabjous Day Reprise

*The Great Wall Dancers perform in “I Look Down, Frabjous Day, Frabjous Day Reprise

*The Lewis Carrollers perform in Tickets, The Other Alice, Small, The Claws That catch, Frabjous Day, Yonder, You Must Know Something, Frabjous Day Reprise

*The Twinkle Lights perform in Small, Growing Up, Frabjous Day Reprise

*The Train Passengers perform in Ticket’s Please

*The Countryfolk perform in Frabjous Day, Frabjous Day Reprise