About Twinsburg
Twinsburg Square about 1867, Soldiers Monument, Old Congregational Church and Old Academy Building

In 1817 a sixteen year old boy named Ethan Alling arrived in Township Five in the tenth range of the Connecticut Land Company, later to be known as Millsville. He was the first settler of the town that would later become Twinsburg. He eventually became the postmaster, stagecoach operator, merchant and hotel proprietor for the community.

In 1819, the Wilcox twins, a set of identical twins from Killingworth, Connecticut arrived and began selling small parcels of land for the Connecticut Land Company at low prices to attract other settlers. The Wilcox twins then offered six acres of land for a public square and $20.00 toward starting the first school if the residents would change the settlement's name to Twinsburg.

Moses and Aaron Wilcox were reportedly so identical only their closest friends could tell them apart. They were lifelong business partners; held all their property in common; married sisters; had the same number of children; contracted the same fatal ailment; died within hours of each other and are buried in the same grave in Twinsburg's Locust Grove Cemetery.

Since the first settlers arrived in the early 1800's, the Twinsburg/Twinsburg Township/Reminderville area has had a long, distinguished history. While the area has experienced growth that has outpaced many other neighboring communities, residents are extremely proud of their heritage and have not forgotten their debt to the past and those who originally settled here. To that end, the Twinsburg Historical Society was formed in 1963. Finding a home in what was originally the Twinsburg Institute, built in the 1863, the Society's museum houses pictures, papers and documents pertaining to the area's history, as well as tools and equipment used by early artisans and farmers, furniture, household items, books, letters and records of its citizens.

The Reminderville area was settled by three Reminder brothers during the Depression. At that time, Reminderville was part of the Township of Twinsburg, even though there was no road connecting the two entities. Since 1955, when it seceded from the Township, Reminderville has paved its own way to self­sufficiency. The municipality of the City of Twinsburg is an incorporated entity which, through the authority of Article XVIII of the Ohio Constitution, adopted a Charter in 1957. This created two separate government entities Twinsburg City and Twinsburg Township.

The City of Twinsburg, Twinsburg Township and the Village of Reminderville used to be one community, and still, at times, have more causes in common than separate. Though, in recent years, the area has been transformed from its original rural atmosphere, of the 1800's and early 1900's, to a modern living and working place, the area has been able to maintain a country feeling while providing full conveniences and services to its residents.

Twinsburg has made incredible progress from the simple settlement back in the early 1800's. While modernization and some industrialization have evolved the city over its history the simple small-town warmth still exists.