Building Division

 The Building Division operates under the supervision of the Chief Building Official, Mr. Keith Foulkes.

 The priority of the Building Division is to protect & maintain the life safety, health, and welfare of the citizens of Twinsburg through quality customer service. Below is a brief description of the programs that we run, you can obtain additional information by clicking the links to the left. 

Building Plan Approval



The Ohio Board of Building Standards, a division of Ohio Industrial Relations, certifies our department for Residential and Commercial code enforcement. Our field staff are tested and certified, their certifications are maintained through approved continuing education courses funded and mandated by the Ohio Board of Building Standards. The Building Division issues building permits for new construction, additions, and alterations. It is also necessary to get a permit for any electrical, plumbing, or mechanical changes. For additional information click the link to the left for residential or commercial application.


The Building Division Housing Program runs an Exterior Point of Sale and Abandoned Residential Property program. We also Inspect property maintenance complaints and perform neighborhood preservation Inspections. The purpose of The Housing Programs is to ensure safety, security, and proper upkeep of residential properties. 


The Zoning page is where you can find applications for zoning certificates required for items that need reviewed under the City of Twinsburg Codified Ordinaces. This includes Sheds, Fences, Exterior concrete or pavers, and donation boxes 

 All work shall be performed in a professional manner.  After construction documents have been reviewed/approved and permit to work has been issued construction may proceed in accordance with the approved documents. Construction or work for which an approval is required shall be subject to inspection.  It shall be the duty of the owner or the owner's duly authorized representative to notify the City of Twinsburg Building Division when work is ready for inspection.  Upon notification from the owner or the owner's agent that the work is ready for inspection, shall cause the inspections set forth in the required inspection list to be made by an appropriately certified inspector  in accordance with the approved construction documents.  Inspections shall be requested by calling field inspection staff at 330.405.1314.

News and Announcements 

Help keep our neighborhoods safe - Report Streetlight or Power outages directly to Ohio Edison by calling
1-888-544-4877 or enter a service request online at You can sign up for cell phone outage alerts and view outage maps online as well. Please contact the City of Twinsburg Public Works Division with any additional issues at 330-963-6212 or the after hours emergency line at 330-486-7086.