Animal Control Unit

One Animal Warden, who staffs the Animal Control Department, provides the community with a means of having dangerous or nuisance animals removed in a safe and humane manner. The Animal Warden also investigates dog bites, animal violations of the city ordinances, cruelty complaints, and animal welfare checks. In the City of Twinsburg, where rural landscapes neighbor urban development, animal control is a needed function to maintain healthy harmony between animals and people. This can only be accomplished through public education and by applying professional tactics. View the city's Wildlife Management Plan (PDF).

The Twinsburg Police Department will respond to all animal emergencies. The responding officer will determine a proper course of action to address the animal emergency. If the officer evaluates the situation and determines that it is not an emergency, the officer will refer the incident to the animal warden.

Wild Animal Removal

The animal warden will determine how wild animals are removed and disposed of. Animal removal (trapping) is provided Monday through Friday. Normally, animal removal service is not provided to businesses or apartment complexes. 

Controlled Hunting Permits

Click here to download a copy of the Controlled Hunting Permit Application.


Deceased or unwanted pets are the responsibility of the owner. If your pet is lost or missing, contact the police department at 330-425-1234. Please make sure your pet has (at a minimum) the current county license and rabies tag on its collar to help us return the pet to you should he/she become lost. This will allow us to contact you if your pet is found and brought to the city kennel. All animals will be held at the city or county kennel for a maximum of 72 hours before disposal.