Communications Center

The Communication Center is the vital link between the citizens and the safety forces. It is staffed by 11 dispatchers and handles all dispatching duties for the City of Twinsburg's police, fire, emergency medical services, and service departments. The dispatch center also handles The Village of Reminderville police, fire, and emergency medical services, as well as Twinsburg township fire and emergency medical services.


Dispatchers are responsible for organizing caller information and then entering it into the Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) system so that proper safety services are dispatched to the call. The CAD system is tied in with mapping software, and when a call is placed into CAD, that location is mapped onto a screen. CAD also keeps track of call history which aids the dispatcher in being able to see call history, hazards, or any type of special attention.


The dispatch center handles all police administrative lines, 911 emergency, and 911 cellular calls. Over the years, 911 cellular calls have increased dramatically. It is not uncommon to receive many calls on a single traffic crash. It may be necessary for a dispatcher to place you on hold to answer another incoming 911 call, so he or she can determine if the 2nd call is for the same incident or possibly another.

Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS)

Additional responsibilities include using the Ohio LEADS system to obtain information on a variety of information including driving records, stolen / recovered guns, stolen vehicles, stolen license plates, wanted / missing persons, and missing juveniles.

Access Your Driving Record Online

Dispatchers are not permitted to tell the public how many points a person has on their driver's license. Visit the Ohio Department of Public Safety website to obtain information on what may be on your driving record.