Detective Bureau

The Detective Bureau is a highly specialized unit of the Twinsburg Police Department. Detectives assigned to the Detective Bureau investigate major cases such as homicide, kidnapping, aggravated robbery, burglaries, narcotics, and other felony crimes. The unit consists of 1 detective sergeant who supervises the day-to-day operations of the Detective Bureau and 2 detectives. These officers are trained extensively in criminal investigation techniques and crime scene processing including crime scene photography, latent fingerprint lifting, foot print and tire casting, handling of evidence, and interview / interrogation methods.

In addition to these basic areas, members of the Detective Bureau have received specialized training in topics such as computer-related crime investigations, telecommunications fraud, cellular phone fraud, and other crimes involving modern technology. Detectives are also knowledgeable in the latest crime prevention methods and techniques.

Juvenile Diversion Program
In conjunction with Summit County Juvenile Court, the Twinsburg Police Department operates a Juvenile Diversion program. The purpose of the Juvenile Diversion program is to offer solutions to problems in our own community concerning youth. This eases the caseload of juvenile court and allows our community to have input in dealing with juvenile offenders. The community benefits by having the juveniles held to a stricter set of guidelines and expectations compared to juvenile court.

When a juvenile is arrested for a 1st-time misdemeanor criminal offense, the victim of the crime has the option of having the case heard in juvenile court or through the diversion program. Participation in the program requires the juvenile offender and his/her parent or guardian to enter into a contract with the diversion program. As part of this contract, the juvenile must admit his/her guilt to the crime committed. Other sanctions include drug and/or alcohol testing, continued adherence to home and school rules, and community service hours. Upon successful fulfillment of the program, the juvenile has no criminal record. Through the use of community service hours, juveniles learn that there are consequences to the decisions they make. The program also utilizes various community agencies to empower parents by helping them learn how to hold their child accountable.

For more information on the Juvenile Diversion Program, contact the Detective Bureau at 330-425-1234.