Public Works

Leaf Pickup services run continuously through December, weather permitting.

City crews are completing Round 2 of leaf pickup and will continue to pick up leaves, weather pending, throughout December.

Rain and/or snow will cause delays to our collection efforts, so the earlier you rake your leaves out for collection the better the job the City can do to get them picked up efficiently. The same workers and trucks that are used to collect leaves are also used to plow snow and spread salt, so inclement weather will cause delays. A special round of branch collection started on Monday, November 23 to help residents clear their yards of debris after the recent storm. To get caught up, we are anticipating a change in operation that will allow leaf collection to continue later in the day.

Please rake leaves into a row and place them on your tree lawn no more than two (2) feet from the curb or edge of the street without obstructing traffic. Keep catch basins, in the street in front of your house, clear by removing grass clippings, brush, and leaves that may collect there. This will help prevent flooding during heavy rains.

Please ONLY place leaves (no sticks, ornamental grasses, or grass clippings) at the edge of the street as it may clog the machine and delay the collection process. If a car is parked in front of a leaf pile, we will not be able to pick up the leaves. 

You can also bag your leaves for trash and Waste Management will pick them up with their collection (6-8 bags no more than 25 lbs).

The primary function of the Public Works Department is to ensure that high quality maintenance of existing infrastructure occurs to produce a high level of customer service. The department ensures that the city is meeting state and federal reporting requirements and regulations for the waste water plant, collection, and distribution systems.

The Public Works Department conducts the formal bid process, prepares contracts, and performs inspections of all public works construction projects and initiates planning and organizing activities of the department.