Adaptive Recreation

Below are some adaptive recreation opportunities offered throughout northeast Ohio.

Twinsburg Opportunities

Private Swim Lessons

Lessons for those who need individual attention. Students and instructor schedule 5-1/2 hour sessions. There are no make-up lessons. Late arrivals will be able to participate in the remainder of the scheduled time. Each set of lessons have a 6 month expiration date.

  • TFC Annual Member - $80
  • TFC Monthly Member - $100
  • District Resident - $120
  • Nonresidents - $140

Mayfield Communities & Mayfield Schools Adaptive Recreation

Through the efforts of Mayfield communities and Mayfield schools, the Adaptive Recreation Committee is offering opportunities for individuals with physical, sensory, or developmental disabilities and typical peers. Mayfield communities are part of the consortium that includes surrounding communities that are also offering Adaptive Recreation Programs.

Aids / Assistants

For all programs, an aid or assistant (which can be a parent or caregiver) is strongly recommended for 1-on-1 assistance for any student who has difficulty following simple instruction, needs individual patterning, or needs constant guidance.

Registration Information

  • Register over the phone with Mayfield Village with MasterCard, Visa, or Discover by calling 440-461-5163.
  • Mail registration form or drop off to Mayfield Village Parks and Recreation:
    6622 Wilson Mills Road
    Mayfield Village, OH 44143
  • You can also call Mayfield Community Education at 440-995-7600 and register with MasterCard or Visa.
  • Registrations may also be dropped off or mailed to Mayfield Community Education at:
    784 SOM Center Road
    Mayfield Village, OH 44143
  • You may also call Mayfield Heights Recreation at 440-442-2626, ext. 267, to register with them.

Participating Communities