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Traffic Advisory

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The City Engineer and her staff provide consultation to other city departments, developers, contractors, and homeowners on utility and site issues.

The Engineering Division prepares and administers contracts, plans and specifications for capital improvement projects including roads, sewers, waterlines, stormwater facilities and public buildings.

This Division also operates and maintains records of utilities, roadways, and physical geography of the city through a Geographic Information System (GIS) and makes this information available to residents, contractors, and developers.


The City of Twinsburg intends to contract for Traffic Engineering Services for a firm qualified in Traffic Signal Construction, Operations and Maintenance in the form of a General Services Contract.  Scope of Work includes evaluating the existing City Signal System, prepare funding applications and plans for projects to update the aging system.

At the present time, the City operates a computerized traffic control system for thirty six traffic signals, (Aries System by Econolite), traffic responsive, consisting of four Primary Zones, each Zone controlled by a Master Controller, and each intersection with a local controller. Each intersection has several programs based upon time of day and traffic volumes. LED, battery backups, Emergency Vehicle Pre-Emption System and Police technology are deployed throughout the system.

Firms interested in being considered for a contract to provide the required services should reply with a statement of qualifications no later than 3 pm on October 14, 2022. Statements received after this deadline will not be considered. Statements of qualifications should be transmitted to: Amy Mohr, City Engineer 10075 Ravenna Road, Twinsburg OH 44087.  Please visit under project “RFQ- Traffic Engineering Services” for additional information.

As required by Ohio Revised Code §153.65-73, responding firms will be evaluated and ranked in order of their qualifications. Following this evaluation, the City of Twinsburg will enter into contract negotiations with the most highly qualified firm.

Statement of Qualifications Information and Materials 

Statements of qualifications should include information regarding the firm’s history; education and experience of owners and key technical personnel; the technical expertise of the firm’s current staff; the firm’s experience in performing engineering studies, design, construction administration and construction observation; availability of staff; the firm’s equipment and facilities; references.


1) Firm name, address, telephone number and contact person.

2) A one-page statement of interest and qualifications for this project.

3) A brief (maximum two-page) project understanding description. Include any concerns regarding permits, schedule, site, etc.

4) Discussion of firm’s specific abilities and expertise to provide the required professional services and qualifications related to project requirements, including project management skills and methodology to monitor project budgets.

5) Key personnel proposed as project team members, including detailed resumes. Clearly identify subconsultants, if proposed, with similar information.

6) Examples of specific knowledge, expertise and project management experience related to this type of project.

 7) Descriptions of recent and related projects completed by the firm.

8) References of other owners for which the firm has provided similar professional services. Reference information must include:

a) name of owner

 b) project name

c) brief description of firm’s involvement

 d) contact person

e) address

f) telephone number

 g) firm’s key personnel assigned to the referenced project

Evaluation Form for Statements of Qualifications

 Name of Project _____________________________________________________________________ Name of Design Firm_________________________________________________________________ Name of Evaluator ___________________________________________________________________

Criteria                                                                                 Rating*                            Weight                      Score

Firm & Individual Qualifications •

Firm’s number of years in business                                          x                 (0-5)                    

Firm’s background & experience on                                         x               (0-5)                    

similar projects


Experience of firm’s current                                                        x                (0-10)                                  

personnel on similar projects


Capacity to Perform Work

 Availability to meet schedule                                                     x                (0-5)

Firm’s equipment & facilities                                                      x               (0-5)


 Quality of design                                                                             x                 (0-10)

 Technical innovation                                                                      x                 (0-5)

 Meeting schedules & deadlines                                               x                 (0-5)

 Controlling costs/meeting budgets                                         x                 (0-10)

 Communication/cooperation                                                     x                (0-10)


Total Score =

*1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Good, 4 = Excellent, 5 = Superior


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