Fire Department

Our mission is to improve the quality of life within the community by continuing to protect and preserve life while conserving property utilizing specialized skills and compassion. We will accomplish this mission while maintaining a high regard for the safety and health of our personnel.

We will maintain a high standard of training, a quality assurance program to ensure effective critique of department actions through feedback from community residents, and an effective communications system to tie all of this together.

We will continue to receive superb backing from the City Administrators and demand the highest professionalism from our own members to provide this service.
Fire Department Facts
  • Of the 48 members of the Fire Department, 29 of the full-time members are medics, as are 13 of the part-time members.
  • There are 9 firefighters on duty each 24-hour shift, with a Chief and Assistant Chief, Monday through Friday.
  • There are 3 firefighters in Fire Prevention, Monday through Friday. They are responsible for inspecting over 943 locations biannually in the city and township.
  • While on duty, when not training, firefighters are performing in-house maintenance on equipment and also doing daily practical skills for 1-2 hours. This will enhance our overall performance and help to improve our ISO rating.
  • 10 firefighters have received special training for a Fire Safety Education program taught through all district schools. This program is presented starting with kindergarten students through 6th grade. The city purchased a Fire Safety Education Trailer in 1997, which is also part of the program. The trailer is a scaled version of a home, with a 1st and 2nd floor. A program for the senior citizen community is also available.
  • 4 firefighters have received special training for a Juvenile Firesetters counseling program for any juveniles referred to us through the schools, police departments, or juvenile courts. Unfortunately we have had to use this program a number of times over the past several years. Thankfully we are not aware of any of those counseled as repeat offenders.
  • CPR is taught, free of charge, to the public and to company employees in Twinsburg at the station monthly.
  • 5 firefighters have received specialized training in HAZMAT mitigation techniques and also belong to the Summit County HAZMAT Team.
  • 5 firefighters have received specialized training in advanced Rope Rescue and High Angle Rescue techniques. These members are also part of the county team called TROT. We have 2 firefighters that have are part of the Dive Team.
  • All members of our staff have received extra certifications in PALS and BTLS skills.
  • We have 3 ALS Squads, 3 Pumpers, 1 Aerial Truck, 1 Grass Fire Unit, and a Mobile Command Post. There are also 5 utility vehicles.
  • We have a quality assurance program in effect, where on a monthly basis, a random sampling of calls are selected and a questionnaire is sent out. We ask for a group of 10 areas to rate us on and to add any additional comments. Overall we get top marks from respondents, though when we get the occasional poor marks a follow-up is made to that resident to see what transpired and then make changes as indicated to maintain a highly professional service to the community we serve.
  • During Fire Prevention Week in October, we hold an open house. If anyone is interested in a tour, just give us a call so we can ensure that someone is there to walk you through.