Fire Department

Fire Station #1 and Administration
10069 Ravenna Road
(330) 963-6256
Fire Station #2
2605 Glenwood Drive
(330) 425-7156
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TFDpatchOur mission is to improve the quality of life within the community by continuing to protect and preserve life while conserving property utilizing specialized skills and compassion. We will accomplish this mission while maintaining a high regard for the safety and health of our personnel.

We will maintain a high standard of training, a quality assurance program to ensure effective critique of department actions through feedback from community residents, and an effective communications system to tie all of this together.

We will continue to receive superb backing from the City Administrators and demand the highest professionalism from our own members to provide this service.

Fire Department Facts

  • There are currently 42 members of the Fire Department with 31 career and 11 part time members. Firefighters are cross-trained as certified State of Ohio Professional firefighter II/Paramedics.
  • There are 10 fulltime firefighters assigned to each of the three shifts (A, B & C) with a minimum of six firefighter/paramedics on duty each 24-hour shift. Our average daily staffing per shift is typically eight members.  
  • The executive staff includes a Chief and two Executive Assistants, who are in the office Monday through Friday. 
  • We also employ part-time firefighter paramedics, who contribute our daily staffing and train alongside our career members.  Part-time members are also eligible for years of service points on Twinsburg Fire's civil service exam.  The city has an excellent track record of hiring our dedicated members of our part-time staff to fulltime positions. For more information on part-time positions, please visit the hiring portal from time to time: 
  • There is one Fire Marshal in the Fire Prevention Bureau, Monday through Friday. He is responsible for inspecting over 1300 locations in the city and township on an annual basis, as well as fire investigations and fire safety education. Lt. John Dunn is the current Fire Marshal. He can be contacted at:
  • The Fire Prevention Bureau also conducts fire extinguisher training utilizing our state of the art digital/laser simulator. Please contact the Fire Marshal at:
  • Twinsburg Fire is also contracted to cover Twinsburg Township for fire, EMS and fire inspections. 
  • While on duty, when not training, firefighters are performing daily in-house maintenance on equipment and also performing daily practical skills training sessions, as well as physical fitness regimens. This enhances our overall performance and ability to serve our community.
  • Some firefighters have received special training as state certified Fire Safety Educators. Programs include curriculum from kindergarten students through 6th grade within the Twinsburg City School District. 
  • CPR is taught to the public, as well as to company employees in Twinsburg for a nominal fee. This is the American Heart HeartSaver program. Please see our CPR page for further details or contact us at:
  • Firefighter/paramedics Dan Woll and Wilson Woicehovich have received specialized training in HAZMAT mitigation techniques as part of their membership to the Summit County HAZMAT Team.
  • A number of firefighters have received specialized training in advanced Rope Rescue, High Angle Rescue and Trench Rescue techniques. These members are also part of the county team called Technical Rescue Operations Team (TROT). Lt. Marcus Ketner, as well as firefighter/paramedics Kris Longo, Ryan Nutter and Morgan Powers are currently members of Summit County TROT. 
  • Firefighter/paramedics Derrick Kulcsar and Hannah August are currently part of the Summit County Water Rescue Team. 
  • Several members are part of the Summit County Incident Management Assistance Team (IMAT). This team manages large incidents throughout Summit County at the jurisdiction's request. Interim Chief Steve Bosso, as well as firefighter/paramedics Derrick Kulcsar and Brent Boyko are currently members of Summit County IMAT.
  • Interim Chief Steve Bosso is branch director of Summit County IMAT and is also rostered to the State of Ohio Incident Management Team (IMT), as well as a Wildland Firefighter and can be deployed to incidents within Ohio, as well as nationally and internationally. 
  • The department also has several members trained as Public Information Officers (PIO). Interim Chief Steve Bosso is a Master PIO. Lt. Michael Perlatti is an Advanced PIO and Summit County PIO Subcommittee Cochairman, Capt. Gina Devito-Staub and Lt. Marcus Ketner are also trained in public information. 
  • Besides the required Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) certifications, our paramedics have received extra training in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS).
  • We have a quality assurance program in effect, where on a monthly basis, a random sampling of calls are selected and a questionnaire is sent out. We ask for a group of 10 areas to rate us on and to add any additional comments. Overall we get top marks from respondents, though when we get the occasional poor marks a follow-up is made to that resident to see what transpired and then make changes as indicated to maintain a highly professional service to the community we serve.
  • During Fire Prevention Week in October, we hold one of the most popular and well attended fire department open houses in northeast Ohio. The event is always on the second Wednesday in October.
  • We are always happy to accommodate anyone interested in a tour, but please give us a call first so that we can ensure that someone is there to walk you through. 
  • The department is proud of their Explorer program for young adults seeking a fire/EMS career. Captain Gina DeVito-Staub is the Twinsburg Explorer Post coordinator. For more information, email Captain Gina at:
  • The fire department administers the city’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), which has a roster of 65 people who are well trained in disaster response, traffic control, search and rescue techniques and incident management functions. This group is called upon to assist the Twinsburg safety forces when needed. Interim Chief Steve Bosso is the administrator for Twinsburg CERT. For more information, email the assistant chief at: