Planning Division

The Planning Division of the Department of Community Planning and Development provides long-term and short-term land use planning, planning commission support, development reviews, and zoning and development assistance.
Development Review & Permitting
Individuals or businesses anticipating the construction of new buildings, or the subdivision of land are encouraged to contact the division to obtain information and learn of the city's development review and permitting process.

Business Registration Application

Businesses can access the city’s official registration application by clicking here. Information will be distributed to Fire, Police, Finance, Wastewater and Building Departments. 

Comprehensive Plan

View the City of Twinsburg's Comprehensive Plan (PDF).

City Demographics

2014 statistics:
  • Total City Population: 18,864
  • Number of Businesses: 580
  • Total Assessed City Valuation: $569,528,270

Housing & Land Use

 Category Value
Housing Type   Total units
  Single family detached
  Single family attached
  Multi-family units (majority are age restricted)
Land Use in Acres
  Residential 2,901
  Business 190
  Industrial 819
  Parks and open space
  Semi-public 760
  Right-of-way 883
  Vacant 1,281
  Total area