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The Online Inquiry System allows the user to do the following;
Request an inspection of permit of record,
View inspections performed of permit of record
View permit of record data (location, contractor, etc.)
View contractors of current registration information.
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Disclaimer / Terms of Agreement

 The City of Twinsburg makes every attempt to provide accurate information. All data are provided as is and without any guarantees either expressed or implied. All data are for general reference, and the City of Twinsburg, Ohio, does not guarantee that the data will meet your specific requirements. All data should be confirmed with the appropriate official source. If you need assistance please call the Twinsburg Buiilding Department, 330-963-6270.

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City of Twinsburg Online Permit Inquiry System

Note: When inquiring about a permit by address, the street name must be designated with one of the following; Ave, Blvd, Cir, Ct, Dr, Ln, Pkwy, Pl, Rd, St or Tr.