Exterior Point of Sale 

The City of Twinsburg operates a exterior only point-of-sale inspection of single-family residential properties. Dwellings as part of a condo association with fees applying to maintain the exterior of the buildings do NOT require a point of sale inspection. This inspection covers exterior elements of the property & building and is conducted referencing standards set forth in the International Property Maintenance Code’s Chapter 3 – General Requirements. The purpose of the inspection is to encourage adequate property maintenance and to preserve property values in the community. It is important to schedule an inspection in a timely manner of the sale so that deficiencies may be addressed and/or corrections negotiated prior to closing. An application for Point-of-Sale inspection and checklist may be accessed by clicking this link. Completed applications can be mailed or dropped off at the Division of Building.  

POS Application
POS Checklist
If you have any questions, or need to schedule a Point of Sale Re-inspection please contact a Housing Inspector at 330 405 9573.

The applicable ordinance is title seven, chapter 1365 and chapter 1313 of the adoption of the International Property Maintenance code.

Abandoned Residential Registration


Property Maintenance 

The entire exterior of any dwelling and property shall be maintained. It must be free from rubbish and exterior storage. Shrub beds and landscaping must be maintained weed free, and lawn growth can not exceed 6". Complaints about property maintenance can be made by calling the department at 330 963-6270. Please make sure to have the correct address for the property.