Residential Permit Application

Applications are required for all building construction, including accessory structures such as: decks, pools, sheds, roofing, siding, etc. See detail list of Permit application requirements.

Applications for review shall be submitted with a completed application, link below, with two copies of the construction drawings including of a site plan showing the foot print on the property and the distance from all property lines. Construction drawings shall include the materials and method of construction.
Directions for submitting
Application for permit
Homeowner's Permit Affidavit

Exterior Home Improvements 

Deck Application
Concrete and Asphalt
Residential Roofing Application 
Swimming Pool & Miscellaneous
Window/Door/Siding Installation or Replacement  
Foundation Waterproofing
Furnace / A/C Condenser / Hot Water Tank Replacement

Key Resources

Accessory Building Code - Garages, Carports, Sheds
Residential Drawings - Info & Requirements

The code(s) for prescriptive design, plan reviews, and field inspections:
Residential Code of Ohio edition 2013, National Electrical Code edition 2011, Ohio Plumbing Code edition 2011, International Fuel Gas Code edition 2009, International Energy Conservation Code edition 2009, and Twinsburg Planning & Zoning Regulations.

Any questions please contact the Building Division 
Inspection staff