Non-Residential Application

The application for non-residential/ARB plan approval shall be used to submit proposed work on sites of commercial, industrial, public facilities, and residential multi-family - 4 family (+) buildings.  The same application shall be submitted for review for the building component(s) of electrical, fire alarm, mechanical, plumbing, and sprinkler system.  The project shall consist of new construction, addition, alteration, repairs, and change of occupancy.

Directions for completing non-residential application
Application for non-residential
Fee schedule

The applicable codes for prescriptive design, plan review, and inspections:

Building Code - 2011 OBC Electrical Code - 2011 NEC  NFPA 70  Fire Alarm - NFPA 72  Fuel Gas Code - 2009 IFGC
Mechanical Code - 2011 OMC Plumbing Code - 2011 OPC  Sprinkler System 2011 OBC NFPA 13  NFPA 13R  NFPA 13D
Energy Code - ASHRAE 90.1 2007 2009 IECC  Accessibility - 2011 OBC Chapter 11 ICC A117.1 2009

If you have any questions or inquiries you may contact a field staff:
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