Application for Business Registration

The business registration application shall be filled out completely and submitted when proposing to relocate in the City of Twinsburg.  The application request a description of the business that will operate to be reviewed for compliance with the city's Planning & Zoning Regulations.  If compliance has been determined, an occupancy inspection shall be coordinated for the tenant space or building space with the Building Division and Fire Prevention Bureau.  The application shall have the proper contact information to schedule the inspection.  The application includes proper contacts for emergency purposes to be forwarded to the police and fire safety personnel.
The application for business registration shall be completed and submitted to request a certificate of occupancy for a new or existing tenant space or building space.
Application for Business Registration
Addendum to Business Registration

If you have any questions of what type of business is permitted in what district within the City of Twinsburg please contact the office staff:
Office Staff