Voting Information

Voting in the City of Twinsburg is overseen by the Summit County Board of Elections.  

Summit County Board of Elections
470 Grant St. 
Akron, OH 44311 
Telephone: (330) 643-5200

Upcoming Election Information
General Election: November 7, 2017
Polling Hours: 6:30 am to 7:30 pm

Early Voting:
Starts - October 11, 2017
Registration Deadline - October 10, 2017

Absentee Application:
An Absentee Voter Application by mail must be received by your county board of elections by noon on the third day before the election.

November 7, 2017 General Election

November 7, 2017 General Election - Ballot Issue Synopsis


STATE OF OHIO – Proposed Constitutional Amendment
Rights for Crime Victims
Proposed by Initiative Petition

To repeal and replace the existing language in Section 10a of Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Ohio

A majority yes vote is necessary for the amendment to pass. The proposed amendment would expand the rights of victims under the current Section 10a and require that the rights of victims be protected as vigorously as the rights of the accused. More specifically, for the purpose of ensuring due process, respect, fairness, and justice for crime victims and their families in the criminal and juvenile justice systems, the amendment would provide victims with:

• the right to privacy and to be treated with respect, fairness, and dignity;
• the right to information about the rights and services available to crime victims;
• the right to notification in a timely manner of all proceedings in the case;
• the right to be present and heard at all court proceedings, including the right to petition the court to protect the victim's rights;
• the right to a prompt conclusion of the case;
• to refuse discovery requests made by the accused, except as authorized by Article 1, Section 10 of the Ohio constitution;
• the right to reasonable protection from the accused;
• the right to notice of the release or escape of the accused; and
• the right to restitution.

The proposed amendment would not establish a cause of action for damages or compensation against the state or any political subdivision. If approved, the amendment will be effective 90 days after the election.

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STATE OF OHIO – Proposed Law
Proposed by Initiative Petition.

To require state agencies to not pay more for prescription drugs than the federal Department of Veterans Affairs and require state payment of attorney fees and expenses to specific individuals for defense of the law.

Proposed Law by Initiative Petition To enact Chapter 194 of the Ohio Revised Code

A majority yes vote is necessary for the law to pass.

To enact Chapter 194 of the Ohio Revised Code, which would:

Require the State of Ohio, including its state departments, agencies and entities, to not pay more for prescription drugs than the price paid by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

• Establish that the individual petitioners responsible for proposing the law have a direct and personal stake in defending the law; require the State to pay petitioners' reasonable attorney fees and other expenses; require the petitioners to pay $10,000 to the State if the law is held by a court to be unenforceable and limit petitioners' personal liability to that amount; and require the Attorney General to defend the law if challenged in court.

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SUMMIT COUNTY – Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal)

A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Summit County for the purpose of providing community developmental disabilities programs and services by the Summit County Developmental Disabilities Board at a rate not exceeding 4.5 mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to 45 cents for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for 6 years, commencing in 2018, first due in calendar year 2019.


November 7, 2017 General Election - Candidates

For Member of Board of Education
(Vote for not more than 3)
• Tina Davis
• Angela M. DeFabio
• Robert M. Felber

For Member of Council at Large
(Vote for not more than 1)
• Scott Barr
• Kathy Turle-Waldron
• Michael A. Turle

For Member of Council (Fourth Ward)
(Vote for not more than 1)
• Joe Dismond
• Maureen Stauffer

For Member of Council (Fifth Ward)
(Vote for not more than 1)
• Gregory Bellan (WRITE-IN)
• Andrew Chenkus (WRITE-IN)
• Robert Thewes (WRITE-IN)

Campaign Signs


   (f)   Political Signs.  Political signs shall be permitted in all zoning districts and shall not exceed six (6) square feet in area per sign.  Not more than one (1) sign per issue(s) or candidate on any single lot or building may be placed.  Political Signs may be placed seven (7) days prior to the first date that votes may be cast on, and must be removed within five (5) days after any primary, general or special election.  No political sign shall be located with any public right of way or on any other public property.  Any political sign placed within the public right of way or on public property may be removed and destroyed, without notice by the Building Commissioner or his agent.  (Ord. 119-2010.  Passed 11-23-10.)

Call 330-963-6270 with any questions