Summer Camp Bus Schedule

Summer Camp Bus Transportation

Bus Routes

We will not be having bus routes that change every week. Instead, we will be posting one permanent bus route for the entire summer. We are not assigning campers to bus routes. Any camper can get on the bus at any one of these stops. Make sure you discuss with your camper what stop they should be getting off the bus.

Please have your camper at a stop 15 minutes in advance.

We do the routes in reverse when we drop kids off at home. We leave the Community Center at 3 pm. So, please replace the morning pick up time hour, with 3 pm. For example if you get picked up in the morning at 8:12 am, then you will be drop off in the afternoon around 3:12 pm.

Blue Bus

7:55 Hunter Ridge (Cul-de-sac)

8:00 Deer Run Apartments (Both Entrances)

8:04 Corner of Warren and Haverhill

8:05 Corner of Croydon and Terrace

8:06 Corner of Sherwin and Terrace

8:07 Corner of Sherwin and Cynthia

8:08 Corner of Sherwin and Joann

8:09 Corner of Sherwin and Lila (bus u turn)

8:10 Corner of Cynthia and Gary

8:11 Corner of Sherwin and Gary

8:12 Corner of Glenwood and Chestnut

8:13 Corner of Chestnut & Parkview

8:15 Corner of Scenic View & Meadowood Blvd

8:16 Corner of Meadowood Blvd & Fieldcrest Ln

8:17 Corner of Meadowood Blvd & Corbetts

8:18 Corner of Corbetts, Laura, White Marsh

8:19 Corner of White Marsh and Demi

8:20 Corner White Marsh and Meadowood Blvd

8:21 Corner of Meadowood and Demi

8:22 Corner of Demi and Trailwood

8:23 Corner of Waywood and Willow

8:24 Corner of Waywood and Sandalwood

8:25 Corner of Sandalwood and Meadowood

8:27 Corner of Ethans and Orchard Hill

8:28 Intersection of Ethans, Luman and Hanford

8:29 Corner of Thompson Rye and Ethans Dr.

8:30 Intersection of Ethans, Luman and Oviatt

8:31 1st Corner of Mathers and Ethans

8:32 Corner of Palmer & Ethans

8:33 Corner of Ethans and Riley

8:34 2nd Corner of Ethans and Mathers

8:35 Intersection of Ethans, Merriam & Nathaniel

8:36 2nd Corner of Ethans and Covington

8:38 Corner Irena and Bissell

8:39 Corner Bissell and Pratt

8:40 Corner of Glenwood and Pratt

8:41 Corner of Glenwood & Waterford

8:42 Corner of Glenwood and Myrick

8:43 Corner of Myrick and Jania

8:44 Intersection or Myrick, Parmalee and Orin

8:45 Corner of Alling and Parmalee

8:46 Corner of Alling and Tucker

8:47 Corner of Alling and Haggett

8:48 Corner of Clarius and Hagget

8:49 Corner of Walton and Haggett

8:55 Community Center

Purple Bus

8:00 Corner of Altamont and Whitewood Parkway

8:01 Pebble Creek and Whitewood

8:03 Corner of Ravenna and Rolling Hills

8:05 Corner of Iris Glen and Ravenna

8:07 Corner of Ravenna & Mallard Cove

8:10 Corner of Chamberlin and Sharonbrook

8:12 Corner of Sharonbrook and Waldo Way

8:13 Corner of Waldo Way and Patton

8:14 Corner of Waldo Way and Gill Ct

8:15 Corner of Waldo Way and Patton

8:16 Corner of Waldo Way and Chamberlin

8:19 Intersection of Jennifer and Andrew

8:20 Intersection of Andrew and Bridget

8:21 Intersection of Bridget and Jennifer

8:24 Corner of Chamberlin and Parker

8:25 Corner of Strauss and Ashcroft

8:26 Corner of Ashcroft and Pinebark

8:27 Corner of Ashcroft and Maplegrove

8:28 Corner of Maplegrove and Chamberlin

8:29 9116 Chamberlin Road

8:30 2nd Corner of Lockwood and Merryvale

8:37 Young Explorers - 8903 Twin Hills

8:38 Corner of White Oak and Birchwood

8:39 Corner of Ashdale and Birchwood

8:40 Corner of Ashdale & Twin Hills

8:45 Community Center

Green Bus

8:10 9852 Ravenna Road

8:14 Kathy's Little Angels

8:16 8967 Depot left on Cannon

8:17 2989 Cannon (go around block then left on Cannon over R/R)

8:17 2968 Cannon Road

8:18 Cannon/Jody Lynn (yellow house on right)

8:17 Jody Lynn Ln Cul De Sac * (1st curve)

8:18 Corner of Helen Lane and Simicek *

8:19 Corner of Neille and Liberty

8:20 Corner of Neille and Jason

8:21 Corner of Neille and Adam

8:23 Corner of Darien and Cabot

8:24 Cabot Cul-de-Sac (also a girl 4th house up)

8:26 Corner of Abrams and Darien (3231 Darien c/o)

8:28 Corner of Darien and Windsor Way and Sterling

8:29 Corner of Darien and Firelands

8:30 Corner of Bronson Way and Firelands

8:31 Corner of Overlook and Firelands

8:32 Corner of Wallingford and Overlook

8:33 Corner of Wallingford and Vernon

8:34 Corner of Darien and Wallingford

8:36 Corner of Firelands and Post

8:38 Corner of Champion and Davis

8:38 Corner of Champion and Burton

8:39 Corner of Burton and Bronsons

8:40 Corner of Burton and Gardner

8:40 Corner of Burton and Merino

8:41 Corner of Burton and Bierce

8:42 Corner of Post and Hagget

8:48 Community Center

Red Bus

8:08 Corner of Presidential and Gettysburg

8:09 Corner of Gettysburg and Monticello

8:10 Corner of Presidential and Fairfield

8:11 Corner of Fairfield and Gettysburg

8:11 Corner of Gettysburg and Hyde Park

8:12 Corner of Laurel and Lawnfield

8:13 Corner of Gettysburg and Laurel

8:14 Corner of Greenway and Mortus

8:16 Corner of Gettysburg and Shadywood

8:17 Corner of Gettysburg and Hickory Hill

8:19 Corner of Deerfield and Belmeadow

8:20 Corner of Dayflower and Silverdale

8:21 Corner of Parkland and Primrose

8:22 Corner of Parkland and Brookhill

8:23 Corner of Parkland and Forest Lake

8:24 Corner of Parkland and Springwood

8:25 Corner of Landsdale and Andover

8:26 Corner of Andover and Deeplake

8:27 Corner of Andover and Belmeadow

8:29 Corner of Belmeadow and Belleau

8:30 Corner of Belleau and Kasserine

8:31 Corner of Belleau and Ridgewood

8:31 Corner of Serene and Belfair

8:32 Corner of Serene and Ridgewood

8:33 Corner of Belleau and Woodland

8:34 Intersection of Belleau, Treefern, Tinkers View and Heritage

8:35 Corner of Heritage and Timber

8:36 Corner of Heritage and Belmeadow

8:37 Corner of Belmeadow and Glenwood

8:38 Corner of Glenwood and Ridgewood

8:39 Corner of Ridgewood Court and Ridgewood Dr.

8:40 Corner of Ridgewood and West Idlewood

8:41 Corner of Dooridge and Idlewood

8:42 Corner of Dooridge and Crestwood

8:43 Corner of Dooridge and Oakwood

8:44 Corner of Westwood and Oakwood

8:45 Corner of Sunview and Oakwood

8:46 Corner of East Idlewood and Edgewood

8:47 Corner of East Idlewood and Ridge Meadow

8:48 Corner of Gettysburg & Ravenna

8:49 Corner of Ravenna and Moreland

8:50 Community Center