Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission is established in Chapter 151 of the City's Administrative Code.

There is hereby established the Environmental and Historic Preservation Commission. The Commission shall be comprised of an appointed non-voting Councilmember and seven qualified electors, at least one from each ward in the City. Each member of the Commission shall be appointed by Council for a term of two years. Members shall be compensated in accordance with the terms of the Salary Ordinance. (Ord. 150-2005. Passed 12-20-05.)

 151.03 DUTIES.
The Commission shall be an advisory body to the administration, City Council, and the various Board and Commissions.The Commission shall utilize regular reports and information from the City’s various departments including the Department of Parks and Recreation, Engineering Department, and Building Department.Copies of the Commission’s minutes, reports, and recommendations shall regularly be on file with the Clerk of Council and the Mayor and shall be forwarded to intended recipients in a timely manner as intended or upon request by the Commission. The Duties of the Commission are general, advisory and proactive towards issues concerning aspects of the environment and historic preservation.The Commission shall:

(a) Review and make recommendations to the administration, City Council, and various boards and commissions concerning matters of environmental and historic preservation interest.

(b) Advise and make recommendations to City Council, the administration, and boards and commissions concerning the inclusion and implementation of basic environmental and historic preservation standards into the codes, regulations and procedures of the City.

(c) Develop public education and outreach programs in response to Federal, State, County and City Regulations or requirements.

(d) Develop public education and outreach programs concerning any aspect of the local environment.

(e) Make site inspection visits as needed or necessary and as directed by the Administration or Director of Community Planning and Development.

(f) Consider and make recommendations to the appropriate bodies regarding all matters of environmental interest appropriately referred to the Commission.

(g) Review and comment on development and redevelopment plans as directed by the Administration and/or Planning Commission, and issue an option for consideration by the City Engineer, Planning Commission, Council and the Mayor.

(h) Review land use plans or projects and provide review comments to the Administrator, Planning Commission, Council and developer regarding the potential impact or implications of such plans on the natural state of the site and surrounding areas or on environmentally sensitive areas and places of historic significance.

(i) Develop and implement through the Administration and Council community programs for the collection of recyclable materials including household hazardous wastes.
(Ord. 36-2006. Passed 2-28-06; Ord. 105-2008. Passed 9-23-08.)

Environmental Commission Members

Sandra Banes Chuck Bonacci
Susan Metzel Jonah Pichette
Shantanu Pahi Virginia Schmidt
James Shafer Michael Walton
Lyn Tansing Daisy Walker
Council Representative