Comprehensive Plan Update Committee


  • 6:00 p.m.
  • Mondays, as scheduled
  • City Hall (or Zoom)
    10075 Ravenn Road
    Twinsburg, OH 44087

Agendas & Minutes

Comprehensive Plan Update Committee Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Videos

Comprehensive Plan Update Committee Meeting Video (YouTube)


Mayor and Council

  • Ted Yates, Mayor
  • Maureen Stauffer, Council
  • Bill Furey, Council
  • Daisy Walker, Council

Other City Representatives

  • Larry Finch, Director of Planning & Community Development
  • Lynn Muter, City Planner
  • Amy Mohr, City Engineer
  • Sarah Buccigross, City Finance Director

Other Agencies

  • Kathryn Powers
    Twinsburg City School District
  • Nick Moskos
    Planning & Development Chief
    Summit Metro Parks

Significant Property Owners

  • Jim Aveni
    Town Center Properties

Ward Representatives

  • Michael Walton
    Ward 1
  • Kevin Croghan
    Ward 2
  • Sheila Williams
    Ward 4

Boards & Commissions

  • Roy Meier
    Twinsburg Historical Society
  • Peter Metropulos
    Planning Commission
  • David Kleinman
    Planning Commission
  • Michael Shuler
    Environmental Commission


The Comprehensive Plan is the official document setting forth major policies related to the future development of the community. The plan articulates the location and extent of residential, business and industrial land uses, community facilities, and thoroughfares. The relationships between all of these elements are based on the community’s estimated needs over a period of years. The Plan also includes an assessment of present conditions in the community, pointing out major problems, issues, and opportunities.

To be fully effective, The Comprehensive Plan must be sensitive to the wishes and needs of Twinsburg’s citizens and to the requirements of a changing environment. It must represent the thought and dedicated work of both officials and citizens. Keeping the Comprehensive Plan current is an on-going task. As conditions and opportunities bring change to a community, plan recommendations and goals must be reconsidered to assure that they remain consistent with community perceptions which change over time. As goals are pursued priorities may change and different needs may arise. These conditions make it imperative to continually monitor and update the plan document. The plan’s ultimate success will depend upon effective administration, political support and the willingness of the people of Twinsburg to support its goals and objectives