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Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions
On the May 4 Ballot

What is on the May 4 Ballot?

The residents of The City of Twinsburg will have the opportunity to vote on a 2.4 mill property tax increase dedicated for Police and Fire, which will generate $1.7 million in revenue.

Why is this important?

As a city, our first obligation is to protect our safety services. This in turn, protects our residents. We must raise additional revenue to support our safety service needs which is approaching $11 million annually.

Why is this on the May 4 Ballot?

Simply put, the City’s expenses to provide our services has increased more than our revenue.
Specifically, over the past 10 years the cost to provide our Police and Fire service has increased over 30%. This proposed millage will create a dedicated revenue source for our safety forces.

Does the city have dedicated revenue for safety services?

We do NOT have dedicated revenue to fund our safety services, like many other communities in Ohio.

What is the cost of a 2.4 mill property tax dedicated to police and fire?

This will cost the homeowner property value of a $100,000 home, approximately $7/month.

What happens if this ballot issue passes?

By passing a 2.4 mill property tax, the city can continue to protect quality of life for our residents and maintain current levels of service. This 2.4 mill property tax can ONLY be used toward police and fire.

What happens if this ballot issue fails?

If additional revenue is not raised, the City will be forced to make some difficult decisions. The Administration and Council will weigh many factors as it prioritizes the closing of amenities, cutting of services and the need to charge residents for trash and recycling.

What steps has the City taken to address this revenue issue?

In order to maintain our current service levels in our Police and Fire Departments, the City has permanently eliminated full-time staff in other City departments, delayed needed capital projects and reduced general operating expenses.

As expenses to provide our safety services continue to rise, Twinsburg is asking for your help to secure a dedicated revenue source for our Police and Fire Departments!