Pickleball Courts at Glenmeadow Park

1961 Glen Meadow DRive, Twinsburg, Oh 44087

A family friendly & social sport for all ages.
Share the game and share the space.


  • Unsportsmanlike behavior or profanity will not be tolerated.
  • These are public courts. 
  • All chairs must remain outside the fenced area.
  • Only approved pickleball equipment is allowed on the courts.
  • No skateboarding, soccer play or any other non-pickleball activity.
  • No pets allowed on the courts.
  • No food or beverages other than water and authorized sports drinks permitted on the courts.
  • No glass on the courts. 
  • No smoking on the courts. 
  • Appropriate clothing and non-marking sole shoes required.
  • Enter or cross courts during dead ball situations.
  • Give a verbal warning when your ball enters other courts.
  • Courts are open for open recreational play with exception of special event advanced booking with the Twinsburg Parks & Recreation Department. Some or all courts may be reserved by the Twinsburg Parks and Recreation Department for special events on occasion. 
  • No unauthorized paid athletic services/lessons/tournaments permitted. If interested in providing these services, please contact the Twinsburg Parks & Recreation Department.


  • Play Courtesy - If other players are waiting for a court please limit your play to ½ hour or one game to 11 points.
  • If there are no players waiting, private groups may continue to occupy a court.
  • When players are waiting, all players will participate in group rotation using the paddle rack system.
  • The paddle rack system is designed to allow 4 waiting players to rotate in at one time.
  • Each paddle rack slot has room for 4 paddles.
  • Find the next available slot and place your paddle in the rack.
  • When paddles are removed slide the “Next Up” marker to the appropriate group of paddles.
  • Groups wishing to play together can place all 4 paddles in the next fully available slot.

Visit USAPA.org for more information about Pickleball. If you have questions regarding the guidelines listed above, call Twinsburg Parks & Recreation at 330-963-8722.