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The City of Twinsburg appreciates the pivotal role our small businesses play in our local economy. We know that COVID has put many small businesses in a financial crisis and we want to show our support.

We are excited to launch our 6-month celebration of small businesses in Twinsburg. Small businesses drive the economy and employ nearly 48% of workers in America. But the last year has been especially challenging for many of these businesses, which is even more reason to celebrate and acknowledge the important role they play in our community.

In July, we hope that you will patronize our small businesses in the Personal Care Sector. 

D'Amore' Creationz Salon

Regina Norris, Owner/Operatordamore

10570 Ravenna Road, Suite 4

(216) 543-1802

Personal Care


My name is Regina Norris, owner/nail technician. My husband and I own D'Amore' Creationz Salon. This has been a long time coming. We are a family-based company. Our daughter De'Jah is a braiding specialist, who also enjoys making wigs. Our intentions are to have you come in, relax, have an awesome time being pampered, and feel like new when you leave. Our motto, “Faith, family, and fun “means so much to us. We want our clients to feel like family.

Fine Tuned Wellness

Erica Forgus, Owner

9945 Vail Drive, Suite 5fine tuned

(440) 856-5423


Fine Tuned Wellness offers Biofield Tuning, a sound therapy treatment that targets the subtle energy body.

Biofield Tuning is a sound therapy method that uses tuning forks on and around the body to restore coherence to your physical and subtle body. Clients have reported a decrease in physical pain, deepened relaxation, increased mental clarity, and an overall better sense of well-being. This method benefits those suffering from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and those simply trying to get through everyday life.

Other practitioners at 9945 Vail Drive, Suite 5 include Carol Dunn, owner of Rooted in Wellness, offering relaxation massage, reflexology, reiki, and infrared sauna; as well as Andrea Hetzel, owner of Soul Points Essential Therapies, offering auriculotherapy and reiki.

Check out for more info - looking forward to meeting you!

Premier Fitness & PerformancePremier

Mike Caza, Owner

9087 Dutton Drive



We provide the highest quality Adult Fitness and Athlete performance training services.

Rooted in Wellness LLC

Carol Dunn, OwnerRooted

9945 Vail Drive Suite 5

(216) 970-1199


I started my massage and wellness practice in 2018 operating inside Wellspring Studio until we had to close during the pandemic.

I graduated from the Cleveland School of Massage in 2004 and have enjoyed doing relaxation massage ever since. My specialty is incorporating relaxation massage with energy work and reflexology. At this time the other wellness service I provide is an infrared sauna that can be used to help boost immunity, promote relaxation, burn calories, increase circulation and help flush toxins.

I am located at 9945 Vail Dr. Suite 5. One of the things I love to do in my pursuit of caring for my physical, mental and spiritual health is to experience other wellness modalities. It is a privilege to share this space with 2 other practitioners who offer other wellness services which have helped me.

Erica Forgus, owner of Fine Tuned Wellness, and Andrea Hetzel, owner of Soul Points Essential Therapies have helped me to create this nurturing space.

Please check out my website at


Soul Points Essential Therapies, LLCSoul Points

Andrea Hetzel,  Owner/Auriculotherapist

9945 Vail Drive, Suite 5   9945 Vail Drive

(234) 380-0556


At Soul Points Essential Therapies, you have the ability to experience several different holistic wellness offerings, including gentle Reiki healing, AromaPoint Therapy and our most popular, Auriculotherapy.... better known as EarSeeds! EarSeeds work in a similar fashion to acupuncture, but without needles, making it painless and comfortable for young and old alike. With EarSeeds, we can treat hundreds of different symptoms you may be experiencing all through the pressure points located on the outer surface of the ears. I like to call these little pellets the "Hidden Heroes of Healthcare" because they're as sparkly and pretty or as hidden and inconspicuous as you'd like them to be. These tiny beads are held on with a latex-free adhesive and work on acupressure points to alleviate inflammation, balance hormones, alleviate shoulder pain, back pain, and sciatica, reduce tinnitus, calm anxiety/stress, and more! There are even protocols for weight loss, smoking cessation, and other addictions. Call or text to experience an EarSeeds session or a Reiki healing today! 

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