Food Trucks


Do you own a mobile food truck/ trailer or intend to hire one for a private event? Twinsburg Fire requires an annual inspection on all mobile food units operating within the City of Twinsburg and Twinsburg Township in order to ensure safe operations to the staff and the public. Even if there are no cooking operations being conducted with the unit, a fire inspection is still required. 

The process only takes a few minutes and each passing inspection is good for the entire year. All trailers or trucks will receive an annual inspection decal for display in Twinsburg.  Although there may be cost associated with obtaining a permit for operating a mobile food unit at some venues, our fire inspections are at no charge

For more information on our requirements, please contact our Fire Prevention Bureau at 330-963-6256 or email us at

*Photos credits: NordoniaHills.News and SWAT Food Truck.

Sample Inspection Form