Construction Project Updates

SUM/CUY-91-21.65/0.00 - Darrow Rd from Glenwood Drive to Lisa Lane

ODOT Administrated
Contractor:  Marucci & Gaffney Excavating Company

This project consists of combination full depth reconstruction, widening and resurfacing over a length of approximately 0.53 miles along S.R. 91 (Darrow Road) including installation of curbs, sidewalks, and a modern roundabout at the S.R. 91 and Meadowood Blvd. / Ethan’s Drive intersection.

Tuesday, October 1st:

Glenwood Drive is to be closed approximately 2 weeks for work on the Westside (southbound lane) of the roundabout to soften the grade transition that exists.  This is to improve rideability and aesthetics.  The existing grade transition is within design parameters and does not create a safety issue.  This is cosmetic and for improved rideability and user experience as they travel through the roundabout.   This work was programmed into the project prior to the sale of the project in 2018 to address resident/motorist concerns. 

2019 Darrow Road SR91 Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Ravenna to Tinkers) 


Contractor:  Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Company, Inc.
Amount:  $ 839,461.49
Construction:  April 2019 - July 2019

The work included in this project generally includes the removal and replacement of the existing sanitary sewer on Darrow Road, S.R. 91, between SR82 and Richner Court. Work includes sanitary mainline, service laterals, manhole replacement, abandonment of existing sewer, asphalt pavement and apron repairs, sidewalk and lawn restoration and miscellaneous other repairs and improvements.

The City will provide full time Construction Inspection from our Engineering Department, Monday thru Friday.  City Engineering Department (330) 963-6247 Main Office.  In the event of a problem occurring after normal working hours, please contact Fabrizi Trucking & Paving Co., Inc. at (440) 234-1284.

2019 City-Wide Tree Planting Program

Planting:  March - May and October - December

The 2020 City-Wide Tree Planting list is being compiled by the Engineering Department and includes new residential developments and replacement trees that have been removed by a City project or as a result of mortality.
Resident Notice - Fall Plant
2019 Fall Planting List

If you have a tree lawn tree issue please contact the 
Service Department at (330) 963-6212.

2019 City-Wide Sidewalk Program

Bid Opened:  April 25th, 2019
Contractor:  Spano Brothers Construction Company, Inc.
Amount:  $ 76,455.25
Construction:  August 2019 – October 2019

The Sidewalk Program replaces sidewalks that have an offset of 1” or more and are determined to be City Responsibility. The City takes responsibility for sidewalk repair for damage associated with City owned utility failures or damage from street tree roots.  To determine City responsibility the Public Works Department performs both a visual inspection and a video/dye testing inspection of the sewers.   After the inspections, the location is determined to either be Home Owner or City Responsibility.  In addition to the replacement program, the Service Dept performs sidewalk concrete leveling city wide throughout the summer months.

The work being performed in 2019 is for the locations determined to be City Responsibility from 2018 inspections.   2019 Sidewalk Repair List   Resident Notice

If you want to report a sidewalk concern to determine if it is City or Homeowner responsibility please contact the Service Dept at (330) 963-6212.   An inspection will be performed and if determined to be City responsibility, it will be included in future year maintenance programs.  


Quarry Reserve Subdivision

Planning Commission approved a preliminary plat for residential subdivision in R-5 district consisting of 27 lots. Quarry Reserve is an extension to the Boulder Brook Development that is across from Miktarian Memorial Parkway.  All roadways have been installed and Pulte Homes is currently building.

Shepard Preserve Subdivision

Residential subdivision consisting of 23 lots. This subdivision connects to Lake Plata Estates and has an entrance off Shepard Road between Ledge Road and Park Ledge Drive.  Coblentz Homes is the builder.

Whispering Woods Phase III

A 30 lot residential development that will continue off the end of Merryvale Drive in Whispering Woods Subdivision. The Plat has been approved by Planning Commission and infrastructure improvements have started.