Construction Project Updates

SUM/CUY-91-21.65/0.00 - Darrow Rd from Glenwood Drive to Lisa Lane

ODOT Administrated
Contractor:  Marucci & Gaffney Excavating Company
Anticipated Construction:  Sept 2018 - Sept 2019

This project consists of combination full depth reconstruction, widening and resurfacing over a length of approximately 0.53 miles along S.R. 91 (Darrow Road) including installation of curbs, sidewalks, and a modern roundabout at the S.R. 91 and Meadowood Blvd. / Ethan’s Drive intersection.

2018 Joann & Lila Place Reconstruction Project Including Terrace Drive Resurfacing

Construction:  March 2018 - August 2018
Contractor:  Lockhart Concrete Company
Amount:  $ 1,080,334.75

This project is the reconstruction of Joann Place and Lila Place including sanitary and storm sewer replacement.  Construction generally includes removal of the roadway and replacement with concrete curb, 6” curb drain, full depth asphalt pavement over cement stabilized sub-grade, storm sewer/storm lateral replacement, storm basins, sanitary sewer/sanitary lateral replacement, concrete aprons replaced, lawn restoration and miscellaneous other improvements.  Additional storm sewer catch basins and sewers are also being considered to address rear yard drainage on Joanne Place.  A storm culvert on Terrace Drive between Sherwin Drive and Glenwood Drive will be replaced requiring a temporary road closure.  Terrace will then be milled and resurfaced as part of this project.

Construction Notice No. 1 - Lila-Joann
Construction Notice No. 1 - Terrace Dr

2019 City-Wide Tree Planting Program

 March - May and October - December

The 2019 City-Wide Tree Planting list is being compiled by the Engineering Department and includes new residential developments and replacement trees that have been removed by a City project or as a result of mortality.

If you have a tree lawn tree issue please contact the City arborist through the Service Department 
at (330) 963-6212

2018 Darrow Road SR91 Sanitary Sewer Replacement (Ravenna to Tinkers)  

Proposed Construction:   February 2019 – June 2019

The work included in this project generally includes the removal and replacement of the existing sanitary sewer on Darrow Road, S.R. 91, between SR82 and Richner Court. Work includes sanitary mainline, service laterals, manhole replacement, abandonment of existing sewer, asphalt pavement and apron repairs, sidewalk and lawn restoration and miscellaneous other repairs and improvements.

August, 2018:  Ohio Edison, Cable, Phone and Telecommunications companies are currently relocating.


Boulder Brook Subdivision
Planning Commission approved a preliminary plat for residential subdivision in R-5 district consisting of 27 lots. Boulder Brook is to be accessed from a cul-de-sac intersecting Darrow Road at Miktarian Memorial Parkway.  All roadways have been installed and Ryan Homes is currently building.


Corbett Farm is a 94 lot single family residential development that started construction in October 2013. Corbett’s farm main entrance is located on Glenwood Drive with roads connecting to Meadowood,, ParkviewCorbett's Lane providing secondary access from both the Meadowood Subdivision and Chestnut Trails Subdivision.  All roadways have been installed and Pulte is currently building.  

Shepard Preserve Subdivision
Residential subdivision consisting of 23 lots.  Construction to begin the week of September 18th, 2017.   Construction access is located between Ledge Road and Park Ledge Drive.
Coblentz Homes is the builder.

Whispering Woods Phase III
A proposed 30 lot residential development that will continue off the end of Merryvale Drive in Whispering Woods Subdivision.  The Preliminary Plat is currently being reviewed by Planning Commission.