Construction Project Updates

2020 Oakwood Drive Improvements Project

Contractor:  Fechko Excavating, LLC
Amount:  $934,069.05
Construction:  March 2020 – August 2020

The work included in this project generally includes replacement of existing sanitary sewer, including service connections with new cleanouts, installation of 8” ductile iron water main, line valves, new hydrant assemblies and water service connections, storm sewer replacement and repairs, new asphalt pavement over cement stabilized sub-grade, concrete aprons and sidewalk repairs, including lawn restoration on Oakwood  Drive.

2020 Road Improvements Project

Amount:  $ 643,913.95
Contractor:  Perrin Asphalt Company
Proposed Construction:
  May 2020 – August 2020

The annual road program is a maintenance program providing overlays to extend the life of the pavement.  The following streets are included in this year’s program:

Block 1:  Creekside Drive, Country Club Lane/Country Club Circle & Vail Drive: Full width asphalt grinding, asphalt/concrete pavement repairs, concrete curb & storm basin repairs, asphalt resurfacing. Work shall begin in May.

Block 2:  Andover Drive, Landsdale Circle & Deeplake Circle: Full width asphalt grinding, asphalt/concrete pavement repairs, concrete curb & storm basin repairs and asphalt resurfacing. Work shall begin in June.

2020 Sewer Improvements Project

Proposed Construction:  August 2020 – November 2020
Contractor:  Nerone & Sons, Inc. (pending legislation)
Amount:  $ 547,562.60

The work included in this project generally consists of maintenance to the City sewer systems.  

Locations:  East Idlewood culvert over a branch of Tinkers Creek; Bissell Drive culvert; Cannon Road between 3130-3264; Sharonbrook Drive; Sunview Drive; Edison Blvd; Independence Pkwy and miscellaneous catch basins & inlets maintenance City-wide.

ODOT PID:  84657  PROJECT  SUM-IR 480-01.36 – Noise walls on I-480 WB in the City of Twinsburg

Contractor:  Shelly and Sands   

Amount of Award:  $3,396,653.15
Construction:  February 2020 – Sept 2020

Scope of Work:
Construct Concrete Acoustic Noise walls along I-480 between Chamberlin Road and Aurora Road Specifically NSA4B and NSA6A/B. 
This work consists of preparing any necessary shop drawings, and manufacturing, testing, transporting, storing, and installing noise barriers; furnishing and installing drilled shafts; excavating and backfilling; and restoring the work area in accordance with these provisions and in conformity with the dimensions, lines and grades shown on the project plans.

NSA4:  Approx 5,050 foot long barrier constructed along the edge of shoulder of I-480 westbound lane.

NSA6:  Approx 2,000 foot long barrier constructed along the edge of shoulder of I-480 westbound lane and entrance ramp.

Project Schedule:
            Tree and vegetation clearing to start in February, 2020
            Wall construction to start in March, 2020
            60 day ramp closure will occur in the summer (prior notification and signing 
                      required).  Detour will be routed to SR91 entrance ramps.
            Night and weekend construction is anticipated which will include westbound
                      I-480 outside lane closure.

ODOT announces 2020 Culvert Maintenance/Replacement Project
in Summit County

State Route 91 on the south side of the Interstate Route 480 interchange in Twinsburg Township and the city of Twinsburg, Summit County:

Culvert Replacement will be completed in two (2) phases. Each phase will require State Route 91 to be closed/detoured for a period not to exceed 1 weekend (Friday 8:00 pm to Monday 5:00 am). The official detour route for these closures will utilize State Route 82, Chamberlin Road and Highland Road.

All construction, lane restriction, roadway closure and detour information will be posted along the aforementioned routes and on the ODOT District 4 webpage,, prior to the start of project construction.  Access shall be maintained to all adjacent properties, businesses and intersecting side streets for the duration of the project.    

The project is currently scheduled to begin construction in summer 2020.

2020 City-Wide Tree Planting Program

Planting:  March - May and October - December

The 2020 City-Wide Tree Planting list is being compiled by the Engineering Department and includes new residential developments and replacement trees that have been removed by a City project or as a result of mortality.

If you have a tree lawn tree issue please contact the 
Service Department at (330) 963-6212.


Quarry Reserve Subdivision

Planning Commission approved a plat for residential subdivision in R-5 district consisting of 27 lots. Quarry Reserve is an extension to the Boulder Brook Development that is across from Miktarian Memorial Parkway.  All roadways have been installed and Pulte Homes is currently building.

Shepard Preserve Subdivision

Residential subdivision consisting of 23 lots. This subdivision connects to Lake Plata Estates and has an entrance off Shepard Road between Ledge Road and Park Ledge Drive.  Coblentz Homes is the builder.

Whispering Woods Phase III

A 30 lot residential development that will continue off the end of Merryvale Drive in Whispering Woods Subdivision. The Plat has been approved by Planning Commission and infrastructure improvements have started.